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Graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in September of 2010 with a BFA in Web Design and Interactive Media. I am currently doing freelance work while seeking a full-time position in web design or graphic design. My passions include baseball (check out my web site prototype for teaching kids the basics of the game), music (my Soundgarden site inspired the band to get back together - well at least they got back together after I put it up!) and art/design (Illustrator and Photoshop wizardry and designing clean, engaging web sites).

My web and graphic tool kit includes many well worn hammers, including PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and InDesign. Other construction tools I use a lot are XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and ActionScript 3.0.

Enjoy the site! There are many examples of my work ranging from full blown web sites to logo design, splash pages, advertisements and even a corporate newsletter.

Drop me a note if you are so inspired. I'd love to here your thoughts and suggestions.

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Flickr Sports Covers thumbnail

Flickr Sports Covers

Flickr page showcasing my sports game covers and templates I've created.


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Trader Jack Designs Site thumbnail

Trader Jack Designs

Interior decorating website I created and developed for a client.


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Riverbats Logo Sheet thumbnail

Riverbats Logo Sheet

This is a logo sheet I created for a fall travel baseball team I helped coach.


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Head First Baseball Workshop Site thumbnail

Head First Baseball Workshop

Senior project youth baseball site dedicated to informing kids and parents about baseball.


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Yuengling  Surreal Ad thumbnail

Yuengling Beer Surreal Ad

Surreal advertisement for Yuengling beer in my Creative Imaging class. Original imagery except for the head.


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Soundgarden Flash Site thumbnail

Soundgarden Flash Site

Flash based website for the band Soundgarden if they were to get back together.


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Typography Poster thumbnail

Typography Poster

Typography poster designed and inspired by a Frederic Goudy quote.


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iPhone Security Site thumbnail

iPhone Security Site

Non-linear iPhone Security Site giving different perspectives on jailbreaking and unlocking.


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Soundgarden Shirt thumbnail

Soundgarden Shirt

Soundgarden shirt design inspired by my site and their recent reunion.


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Flash Pitching Tutorial thumbnail

Flash Pitching Tutorial

Flash pitching tutorial that includes cuepoints, audio integration, and embeding video.


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Academy Sports Giftcard thumbnail

Academy Sports Giftcard

Seasonal giftcard designed for Academy Sports in my Creating Imaging class.


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Bill Maness iPhone Site thumbnail

Bill Maness iPhone Site

Mobile redesign of a site that was for webraising. Collaborative group project.


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Random CD Cover thumbnail

CSS Zen Garden Comp

Comp designed for the site CSS Zen Garden.


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Random CD Cover thumbnail

Australian Inspired Design

For my 2D Design class that was inspired by aboriginal symbols and great white sharks.


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Bob-A-Rang App Site Comp thumbnail

Bob-A-Rang App Site Comp

A comp made for an iPhone app Bob-A-Rang. Name was given and it's functionality random.


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Layne Staley Shirt thumbnail

Layne Staley Shirt

A shirt design I made as a tribute to Layne Staley.


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Cupcake Logo Concept thumbnail

Cupcake Logo Concept

Original logo concept for local store. Done freehand in Illustrator.


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Graduation Announcement thumbnail

Auburn Graduation Announcement

Graduation Announcement concept made in Illustrator.


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Derek Granger

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Seeking a position in web design or graphic design to use my current training and creative skills to provide services to a freelancer or company that can influence my future employment.

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Jan 2008 - Sept 2010 Art Institute of Atlanta; Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media

August 2004 - May 2006 Auburn University; Auburn, Alabama
History Major; Liberal Arts

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Program Knowledge:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, XHTML,
CSS, Actionscript 3.0, and JavaScript.